Licence-Agreement For Apache 2 (TXT or HTML) Copyright [yyyy] [copyright owner`s name] Licensed Apache, version 2.0 (the “license”); You can only use this file in accordance with the license. You can obtain a copy of the license under LICENCE-2.0, unless required by applicable or agreed-upon legislation in writing, the licensed software is distributed on a “AS IS” basis, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS of a child, either expressly or implicitly. See the license for the specific language that regulates permissions and limitations under the license. Any software produced by Apache Software Foundation or any of its projects or themes is authorized in accordance with the terms and conditions of the documents listed below. COVERED CODE IS INCLUDED IN THIS LICENSE ON AN `AS IS` BASIS, WITHOUT CHILD GUARANTEE, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES THAT THE COVERED CODE IS DEFECTS FREE, MERCHANTABLE, FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGING. ALL THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE COVERED CODE ARE YOURS. IF THE COVERED CODE IS FOUND TO BE DEFECTIVE IN ANY WAY, YOU (NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER OR ANOTHER CONTRIBUTOR) WILL COVER THE NECESSARY MAINTENANCE, REPAIR OR CORRECTION COSTS. THIS EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY IS AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF THIS LICENCE. THE USE OF A COVERED CODE IS ONLY ALLOWED UNDER THIS EXCLUSION. Starting in 1995, the Apache Group (later the Apache Software Foundation) published successive versions of its famous httpd server. Their original license was much the same as the old BSD 4-clause license, and only the names of the organizations were changed. It has an additional term that applies to clause BSD 4 and stipulates that derivatives must not bear the same Apache name. When we talk about free software, we talk about religious freedom, not price.

Our general public licenses must ensure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and calculate for this service if you wish); You can receive or receive source code if you wish. You can modify the software and use parts of it in new free programs and you`re aware that you can do these things. 3.1 Preamble This license governs your use of the plant. This license is intended to allow developers to use the source code and executable files provided as part of the work, in all its forms, in any application. The main points subject to the terms of the license are: – Source code and executable files can be used in commercial applications; The source code and executables can be redistributed; and – The source code can be modified to create derivative works. No right to fitness, warranty or guarantee is invoked. The software is made available “as we see it.” The article attached to the work may not be disseminated or reissued without the author`s permission This license is introduced between you, the natural or other organism that reads or otherwise uses the work granted under this license, and the individual or any other organization that proposes the work under the terms of this license (“Author”). 3.2 THE WORK (AS DEFINED BELOW) LICENSE IS PROVIDED UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS DRAFT OPEN LICENSE CODE.

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