Modern Agile Working Agreement

Save often and keep in mind that agreements can always be renegotiated, especially when new members join or situations change. Each new team has a strong dynamic, with individuals preferring a certain mix of behaviors and practices. Respect your uniqueness! It is easy to get into projects with new teams, but work agreements create the kind of solid foundation necessary for effective cooperation, especially between people with different backgrounds, assumptions and experiences. I`m working on putting the above graphic in poster form in the modern Agile Non-profit Shop that you could buy to be hung on meeting room walls. I hope this won`t be a ignored poster during meetings. That`s why the title of the poster says we agree…. It is up to the team to agree on how they will interact during meetings. I hope the poster will be inspiring. For other readings and examples of working agreements, we advise you: At first, you encourage discussion within the team and allow everyone to propose, agree and reject any agreement.

Note that you can`t get people to change their emotions, but you can focus on (opposable) behaviors. Christy Erbeck: [18:26] Humor helps. And I think I said earlier, how are we going to celebrate our success? How are we going to have fun? We`re a team. We`re going to work together. It can be very long hours, very difficult situations, if we do not understand or again, you can not prescribe fun. That is not what I am saying. And I think it`s important to understand what the funds mean and how much the team members seem to be having fun. I practiced the meeting agreements mentioned above, and they helped me to have more productive meetings. Maybe your team could benefit from these psychologically safe agreements? Perhaps you could meet to discuss the elements and see if the team agrees with them or wants to adapt the language to them? A work agreement, loan definition, definition of completion, or action elements can come organically from this reset… But they don`t need it. If the team believes these artifacts are necessary, they can be done during the reset or at another time.

The key is not to do the reset on the artifacts, but a mental reset that leads the team to redefine their path and ultimately to bring it down together. Christy Erbeck: [06:28] I use it behind the scenes of my brain when I steal it. I haven`t explicitly used it yet and I`ll probably try with the next team, simply because we bring more explicitly nimblely in our work, it helps as a reference point for people. Dan Neumann: [06:49] Ok, that`s cool, and so we have a new team. Suppose we want a labour agreement. What advice do you have to go through this with a new team going through this activity? Dan Neumann: [01:29] Yes, you mentioned some things that a lot of teams are up against right now. We have basic working hours, many agile teams are distributed, many of them in big cities. There are commuters you can manage, and people can choose one or the other side of a rush hour to work on.

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