Wechat Developers Platform Agreement

These mini-games can be a healthy source of revenue for developers. Advertising revenue is shared 50:50 for games with 1000 users and 70:30 in favor of the developer for people with more than 100,000 users. In this report, we`ll look back at how WeChat implements image monitoring. For the first time, we`re studying how WeChat monitors and censors documents sent to the platform. In addition, we examine whether images and documents transmitted in full on non-registered accounts in China are subject to the same surveillance practices that previously applied to communication with or on accounts registered in China. 2.1 You must register a mini-program before using the service. The mini-program is registered by a linked email that is not linked to an official Weixin account, a weixin Developers Platform developer account or another Weixin account. Tencent has the right to change the way an account is registered and linked to the needs of the user and product. With regard to the specific rules regarding the use of an account, please comply with the account usage agreement and Tencent`s specific account usage rules. 4.8 We may at any time prevent you from receiving user data and/or other data processed or stored on Weixin`s open platforms. A major series of studies over the past decade have shown how online platforms are routinely censored in China to comply with state rules. As Chinese companies expand into markets beyond China, their business is also being tested.

For example, TikTok, a video-based social media company, 1 Grindr, a Chinese online dating platform for gays, bi-, trans and queer, has been suspected of being used to monitor, prosecute or endanger U.S. users.2 Sticker License Agreement – for your use of stickers (as defined in such an agreement) within WeChat. This is probably the result of a breakthrough by Tencent to monetize its huge social networks, which have merged business groups to network the advertising sales platform. Regardless of the “Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution” section of these conditions, disputes, controversies or claims (contractual, not acquired or otherwise) between us and you that arise from, in the case of or in relation to these conditions, are addressed by the court of your home or residence and are definitively decided by the court of your place of residence or residence. You can also file a complaint on the online out-of-court dispute resolution (ODR) platform.

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